24 June 2012

Intro Pictures

Here are some photos from my first couple of weeks at la Escuela Agrícola San Francisco de Asis. 

My room. 

My office! On sunny days I like to sit in that chair on the balcony to work. 

The cutest baby goat you ever did see! 

The farm is in the northern part of Paraguay called El Chaco. It is a desert - very flat with few trees, freezing in the winter and scalding in the summer. 

At the entrance to the garden: "We take care of your health, the health of our students and collaborators, and of the environment; therefore, our production is 100% organic." 

 One of the garden sections

Seedlings (mostly tomato) waiting to be planted. 

Bio-Intensive Garden 

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  1. It looks beautiful there! I am so proud of you. <3